Six thinking hats

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“whether the psychological problem is big or little, the cure comes when one learns to quit drawing negative form one’s memory bank and withdraws positive instead”
― David J. Schwartz


           Six thinking hats method is the example of parallel thinking. Edward de Bono created this effective approach to improving your thinking by directing your attention. Each hat represents different perspective. When you wear the different hat, you have to switch over to other perspective. It gives you the deep understanding of the situation or decision point. It will make you to look at your decision from all points of view. Start to use this method. Then you will see the difference. It will give completeness to your thinking and decision-making process because it uses different perspective to view the same situation.

1. White Hat – the facts and figures
2. Red Hat – the emotional view
3. Black Hat – the “devil’s advocate”
4. Yellow Hat – the positive side
5. Green Hat – the creative side
6. Blue Hat – the organizing view

White Hat:

          This hat represents thinking about the facts and figures of the given situation. This will be usually starting of the thinking process. It will give the basic understanding of the situation. You start to think from your past experience, research and belief. Then you establish other ideas from other thinking hats. I want to explain every hat with one situation. Assume that you want to buy a car.

          With this white hat you will be thinking about the money needed to buy your dream car, maintenance and insurance based on your research.

 Red Hat:

          Red hat depicts more of emotional view. You look at problems using your gut reaction and emotion. Apart from your emotional view, consider other’s (parents, friends, colleagues) emotions about the same problem. Relying only on emotions will lead to unstable decisions. But, we cannot reject our emotions totally also. It is important element in the whole decision-making process.

          With this hat you will think like “I hate going by bus; if I buy this car, I will be happy”.

 Black Hat:

          Considering both good and bad is very good habit. If you are excluding bad side and taking decisions means you will be collapsed when bad things happens. It is a devil’s advocate view. It is more of analytical thinking.

          With this hat you have to ask yourself, “what if I lost my job and can’t pay the money for maintenance or fuel?  

Yellow Hat:

          This yellow hat represents looking at positive side of your decision you are going to be making. You will be encouraged more with this yellow hat and estimating the positive outcomes. It will make you keep going.

          With this hat you will be thinking that, “I will be going to my office in a right time comfortably”

Green Hat:

          The Green hat is the symbol for creativity. Here you can think as you want. You can criticise your thoughts or ideas conceived from other perspective and generate new ideas, possibilities and alternative from that criticism.

          With this hat you would think as, “What I can do to utilize the money even better way?”

Blue Hat:

          Blue hat stands for process control element. It manages the whole discussion on the subject. This hat will decide which hat should be used at which time. The starting and switching order of each hat will produce different results. Please try this six thinking hat method.

          With this method, if you are bored or pessimistic about the problem, you will switch to yellow hat.

          Thanks for reading and for your time. I hope you will get wonderful information on thinking hats. Continue to implement this in your decision-making process. Have a nice decision-making day.


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